Trash The Dress Shoots








If you haven't heard of a "Trash The Dress" shoot, then where have you been. The "Trash The Dress" shoot originated when a bride was left by her fiance just 4 days before her wedding. Not to waste all the money that was spent on the day, she still held a big party with all her guests and had a photoshoot with her photographer and bridesmaids where she got creative with different colour paints and locations. She essentially "trashed" her dress. This has since became a tradition for brides to do after their wedding day with the chance to be a little more creative with props, locations and and make up than on the actual wedding day.

The above shots are from a trash the dress shoot that I did for my wife. The shoot was done at three different locations with each location being chosen for either its complimentary on contrasting characteristics. As I am sure you will agree the resulting shots are strikingly beautiful.

Whether you want to have more creative photos or you simply weren't happy with the photos from your wedding day, a "Trash The Dress" shoot is all the rage nowadays. Check out more photos at